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Women Confronting Racism is committed to helping white women do their own work, examining their implicit and explicit biases. We will provide informational programs and real world solutions in order to work towards the eradication of systemic racism. We will join allies in anti-racist efforts to effect dynamic change in our local, state and national communities.


For centuries Black lives have been, and continue to be, devalued, denied, disrespected, threatened and extinguished with impunity in our country. As a nation, we must dismantle systems of structural racism which marginalize and oppress Black people. Now is the time to join in solidarity around our common

Therefore, Women Confronting Racism:

• Unites with those seeking justice for the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many other known and unknown victims of police violence.
• Commits to the long struggle to end unjust policies and systemic racism everywhere.
• Stands with all those who name and denounce police brutality, white supremacy, and language which divides, belittles and intimidates.
• Pledges to address the violence of white privilege and to create a world in which all are treated with dignity and respect.


We Are A Nonprofit Organization


WCR conducts relevant programs both for the public and for members only


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Vanessa Harris and Nancy Mathias discuss the forthcoming May 19, 2023 conference on Confronting the Impact of Racism on Health. Listen to the Podcast here then Sign up here!

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Oakland Forward (


The mission of Oakland Forward is to build power to remove economic, racial and social barriers to provide opportunities for individuals, with a focus on people of color, in Oakland County.

Our goal is to expand, strengthen and empower communities to make long-term change that improves the quality of life for those most affected.


Our vision is to equip all people with knowledge around civic engagement and policy; and advocate for economic resources that allow everyone to live and maintain thriving lives and growing families in sustainable communities within Oakland County.

Our Target area is anywhere in Oakland County where people of color reside, with a focus on the following cities:

Auburn Hills


Oak Park


Royal Oak Township


Contact us a


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Jon Talks White Resentment w/ Isabel Wilkerson | The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast:


Jon is joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and best-selling author Isabel Wilkerson to discuss race, and America’s caste system, and why there isn’t a singular solution to racism.



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